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BNY Mellon

The most cherishable, happiest days and unforgettable journey of my life was from 2012 to 2014. Beautiful 2 years with many ups and downs, helped me mold in many ways and at each phase. ZIBACAR will always be an asset to my life and the faculties are much more than just mentors. Anyone can teach but when someone mentors you not just academically that’s when a faculty becomes a friend, a mentor and professors at ZIBACAR are true examples of that.

Ashish Babar, Business Analysts


We take extreme pleasure in getting associated with ZIBACAR. We anticipate your extended service for fulfilling our manpower requirements in a long run.

Prashant Jagtap, HR Head

Sankalpan infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

We take extreme pleasure in getting associated with ZIBACAR for recruiting your students as Interns/Permanent employees in our company. We truly appreciate your combined efforts to set up an exclusive placement division to benefit both your students and the media industry.

Amol Humane, HR Head

Global Talent Track Pvt. Ltd.

We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the ZIBACAR Team and recruit wonderful Fellows since the beginning. The team has always set an amazing benchmark of striving for the most excellent experience for the students and organizations. ZIBACAR has always maintained a wonderful balance of keeping both students and partners at the center and helping both find the best way forward.

Rajat, HR


We are excited to have two promising graduates from ZIBACAR, who share the passion of the Health Team and are handling most of the job responsibilities independently. Looking forward to seeing successful outcomes in the projects they contribute.

Prabhat Singh, HR Manager

I am delighted with the Fellows we have absorbed into ZIBACAR over the last few years. They are different as they have a broader perspective and are able to connect the dots; they are much better at communication - structuring and articulating their thoughts and ideas.

Gaurav Sharma, CEO

Purple Radiance Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Students from ZIBACAR are bright, self-starters, and confident.

Nilesh Gosavi, CEO

Bajaj Finserv

At Bajaj Fiserv, we were looking out for young leaders who not only had the zeal to learn but also brought unique and creative perspectives to the table. This required an exposure to diversity in education as well as thought process which the Fellowship provides

Amit Hirsakar, HR Head

Randstad India Ltd.

If I can go back in time then I would gladly choose to go to ZIBACAR again. The Institute gave me a challenging curriculum, profess who inspired us

Ajinkya Kari, HR Head

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