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Course Outcomes (MCA)

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MCA: Program Objectives

To provide to the country a steady stream of the necessary knowledge, skills and foundation for acquiring a wide range of rewarding careers into the rapidly expanding world of the Information Technology.

To inculcate learning aspects from four dimensions viz. Conceptual Learning, Skills Learning and Practical / Hands on with respect to four specialized tracks

To develop students to cater to the challenging opportunities being faced in Information Technology.

To develop basic and advanced skills in areas of student interest thereby increasing their level of expertise.

To strengthen students with all fundamental areas and aspects of technical and management training required for professional aspects of software development.

Program Specific Outcomes

Program Specific Outcomes or PSOs are abilities that a MCA Programme professional should have after successful completion of the program. Following PSOs have been defined:

A graduate will have

An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and computer science to solve business problems by use of computer technology.

An ability to develop computer code, analyze and interpret data, for reducing the errors in decision making.

An ability to design user friendly system, or process to meet desired needs within realistic economic, environmental, social, ethical, health and safety, constraints.

An ability to perform in multidisciplinary teams, and interact with various domain experts.

An ability to communicate effectively.