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Innovation and IT

Name: Sanket Govind Khardekar
MCA III – Semester VI
Batch 2019 – 2022

Everyone knows how this global epidemic of COVID-19 has created various uncertainties, especially in the business world and the corresponding work sector. Many businesses have already closed down, people have lost their jobs or found themselves in situations like pay cut etc. But on the contrary, the IT sector has seen a big boom due to its flexibility, most companies are now looking for people who can work no matter where they live. And that gives even freshers more opportunities to apply for jobs. Companies are shifting from offline recruitment to online recruitment, looking for candidates with better learning ability, adopting automation, artificial intelligence and other technology trends etc.

Now is the best time to start a career in IT sector, I would like to give some tips to which technologies to focus on and enter this sector. Might I focus that innovation is key. First, jobseekers need to do a self-assessment and also identify their skills, career goals, strengths and weaknesses, domain and industry preferences and other related aspects. In addition, they need to know about the current demand and requirements of the industry and verify whether they have all the technical and non-technical skills required for the target job role or not. In addition, they can select target companies and understand their recruitment process. Remember, these small steps will bring them much closer to their ultimate goals!

Next suggestion that is important is to brush up and develop your skills in new and in demand technologies like ReactJS, NodeJS and DevOps. For example – if you have decided that you want to be a software developer, you need to learn and work on relevant skills like programming language, data structures and algorithms, DBMS, NoSQL other computer science subjects etc. you can build several projects to get practical exposure and hold some standard certifications to validate your skills and knowledge. Next, make sure to learn some technological frameworks like the aforementioned ones that give you the edge when it comes to recruitment and demand in new tech. And yes, don’t forget to work on non-technical and soft skills as recruiters are giving more emphasis on these days.

The most important thing to survive in the IT sector is adaptability. For example, this COVID-19 pandemic has led to various changes and transformations in business workflows – businesses are now favouring automation, cloud computing and other trending technologies for their respective platforms to reduce operational costs, provide better user experience to their customers, increase productivity, etc. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for all current graduates to embrace these changes and along with their specific skills or domain should prepare themselves for these future technologies and skills required by the industry.

Last but not least one thing that will boost your career that is to level up your online presence. A strong online presence helps you in many ways, such as allowing you to effectively develop your professional network, learn about critical industry insights and career opportunities, connect directly with recruiters and much more. If you also want to showcase your work to online recruiters and increase your chances of getting a job opportunity – you can choose to create a GitHub profile.