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Programme Outcomes Graduates Attributes (GAs) for ZIBACAR

Programme Outcomes Graduates Attributes (GAs) form a set of individually assessable outcomes that are the components indicative of the graduate’s potential to acquire competence to practice at the appropriate level. The GAs of PG programmes are examples of the attributes expected from a graduate of an accredited programme.

Knowledge Sharing

Acquire in-depth knowledge of management science, computer applications, Recent trends in management and technology, global perspective, with an ability to collect, comprehend, evaluate, analyse, interpret and finally integrate the same for knowledge sharing.

Critical Thinking

Analyse complex problems faced on business problems, organization or an individual,give an critical judgmentto collect information and further make intellectual,innovative creative advances for the societal growth. The breaking down of big complex problems into smaller problems

Problem Solving

Understand complexity of the problem, provide alternatives to solve problems, devise a model, choose feasible solution depending on number of external factors/external environment.

Research Skill

Inquireto determine a need for understandingbusiness problems, findneeded information/data using appropriate research methodologies, techniques and tools, design, conduct Programme Outcomes Knowledge Sharing Critical Thinking Problem Solving Research Skill Usage of modern tools Collaborati on Project Management Ethical Practices and human values experiments/surveys, critically evaluate information/data, organise it and then synthesize/ and apply the outcome at relevant places.

Usage of Modern Tools

Identify the stakeholders need, familiarize them with their usage and select the correct tool suitable to meet requirement in order to them to teach-learn, reciprocate, model while understanding pros and cons of the modern tools.


Create a mutually beneficial environment to demonstrate well-defined relationship throughteam/group coordination, discuss barriers to collaboration; and suggests potential means to overcome them, organizational supportand overall goal of an organization.

Project Management

Defining and confirming the project goals and objectives, means to achieve them, identifying tasks and quantifying the resources needed, and determining budgets and timelines for completion. Communicate to the society various ideas, plans, events, books, research papers, activities in form of newspaper, newsletter, journal, email, website, social media and other technology.

Ethical Practices and Human Values

Practice code of conduct and demonstrate it research, teaching-learning and be a good citizen of the nation and act as a role model for others. Imbibe the core human values and set an used as informal standards of work.