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National Level Workshops

NLS 2016-17
NLS 2016-17
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State Level Workshops

SLS 2012-13

Python MITRA Certification 2017
PACE Certification 2016
Digital Marketing Certification 2016

First International Conference on Data Management, Analytics and Innovation (ICDMAI - 2017)

Savitribai Phule Pune University changes after every three years to meet industry demand. In 2019, ZIBACAR organised a Faculty Development Program  on MCA Syllabus Content development on 9 November 2019. For the program BoS Chairman, BoS members and many MCA faculty. In the program, the views of faculty members were taken to finalise Syllabus contents, Course Outcomes, Question Paper Pattern for MCA 2019 pattern, SEM-III.
MCA Syllabus Content Development Workshop (Sem-II, 2019 Pattern)