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How is Technology bringing a good change in the face of Education

Name: Mantasha Hazil
Class: MCA – I Sem II
Batch: 2021-2023

In order to know the definition of change, take a look into your past and you’ll come to know what you were and what you are now!! This simple glance will  make us understand the deep meaning of “change”. With this , we can utter that the world is changing at a rapid pace. The development and advancement of technology have brought in so many changes.

What does this technology means ???

It infers new equipment that has been developed using scientific knowledge or process. It is proved that when two master pieces come together it could devastate the world for its betterment. So, without giving much stress to your contemplation , here I am talking about human brains and technology working together in the same frame!!!

For understanding how technology is changing the face of Education,

I won’t take you much back to your past rather I would take you just 2-3 years back i.e., 2020.When Covid pandemic had hit India, that time when everyone was battling with this fatal pandemic explicitly. Since, advancement in technology had already advented that time, which made the education possible even in that toughest circumstance. Though everyone was not much aware of these teaching apps as in Google Meet, Teams, Teachmint, Zoom etc which had got a hype during pandemic and is known to the whole world. With these technologies, teaching became much easier even in that time of situational phase.

With the new advent in technology, learning has become even more interesting for kids as well. These learning apps help us view the recorded lectures if any body skips it out for a reason.

I would like to discuss some of the technologies used in the field in the field of education-

1.3-D printing : According to Forbes, 3-d printers are able to create anything starting from car parts to artificial organs. Students can even learn about geography of an area by drawing a map of it.

  1. VR(Virtual Reality) : It takes students to virtual field trips to places which is otherwise inaccessible.

3.Gamification : The usage of gaming in classroom application concept by tying together the part of play with content and concepts that students must learn.

4.Cloud Technology : It actually enables the information to be stored, shared and accessed on by device that is connected to the internet. It is even used to give students the opportunity to chat live with instructors and other classmates.

5.AI(Artificial Intelligence) : It saves teacher time by doing grading and giving feedback on their behalf. It even provides greater insights into students learning pattern.

So, I deduce that with the use of technology and or making a good advancements  or development in technology the education system is reshaped entirely making it even more easier and a good field of interest platform.