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How is Technology proved fruitful in making planet a better place to live

Name: Vaibhav Tayade
Class: MCA – I Sem II
Batch: 2021-2023

It interprets the scientific knowledge or equipment needed for a particular industry.

If we talk about running era, we can infer that the use of technological appliances and electronic gadgets have become worldwide common. It is proved that the usage of electronic gadgets has made our work more easier and simpler.

The development and new advancement in technology has a great impact on the way people live and work these days. However, technology too has negative faces but the positive side of new technology has surpassed the negative side.

What types of technology we come across??

  • Basic Technology – As the name suggests, the technology which is basic for our industry. It includes combustion engines as well as transistors and power grid. These technology are basically not tested neither in theory nor in laboratory but is advised to put in day-to-day use for years.
  • Key Technology – These technologies are a focus of frame of scientific research. They are studied to its last in order to yield a practical application out of it. For eg- Solar power and hybrid technology.
  • Pacemaking Technology – These technologies are such that which are not ready for usage but are more than just visions for upcoming time. Example includes neuro informatics , gene technology  and nano technology.
  • Future Technology – Technologies which are still in the stage of research is known as future technologies.

Application of Technology

  1. Communication Technology – This technology has made a profound impact in making long distance communication a very useful platform to communicate with. In the past if we take a glance then we could see how difficult it was to send messages, and for a simple business meeting we had to travel long distance but communication technology has made our business meeting more easier i.e., by the use of video conferencing.
  2. Record keeping and retrieval – The another platform where technology has made our work easy is by record keeping. We can see that most businesses have switched to electronic databases rather than paper files to store and data can easily be retrieved anytime in future and is even lossless.
  3. Decentralized work and Cloud Computing – The maximum usage of laptops, smart phones, tablets has made it easier for professionals to work from anywhere and has led to make environment a flexible work environment like freelancing, work-on-demand, and work from home. Cloud computing has helped worker to store and use data and application on a server.

So, we can deduce that the absence of technology would have made the world not a better version of world to live. The world would be deadly devastating for people if there would have been no growth in technology. For eg- Today, Students are using internet for browsing relevant information whether be it the time of doing work or completing their assignment which was not possible before the advent of technology as that time they had to give no. of hours in library for getting information about the required topic. This has indeed been helpful in saving our  precious time. As a result, we can infer that we must use technology to pursue a better version of life , it is eventually proved that without technology the world would be  a nightmare!!