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Placement Policy

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General Conditions

The role of the Placement Cell is of a facilitator and counsellor for placement related activities.

Once the student accepts an offer given by a company, he/she will be out of contention for subsequent placement drives.

In case a student appears for two or more companies on a particular day then he/she will be considered selected in the company which first comes out with the final selection list and he/she will be out of contention for subsequent placement drives.

In case of parallel recruitment procedures of two or more companies, if an unavoidable case of clash of procedures arise then a student may be asked to choose between the companies and hence can only continue in the procedure with the selected company. No change in decision in this regard will be accepted in any case after advancement in the selection procedure from that point.

Any issues to be discussed should be forwarded to the respective Placement Coordinator and it is her/his responsibility to take it up with the Placement Cell.

If the market situation and job scenario necessitate a revision in the Placement Policy, it will be done in a manner to maximize benefit to the student community.

All placements related communication will be done through notices that are displayed on the Placement Notice Board.

Each student shall be eligible for only one offer.

Debarment from Placement Activity

The Student will be debarred from appearing in any further placement drives if any of the below mentioned is true :

Misbehaviour / Indiscipline on the part of the student during the interview process.

Student registers but is not present for a company’s interview on the given date.

Rejection by student of an offer made by the Company.

Pending Pre-Placement Interview Offer

A student in case of pending Pre-Placement Interview Offer is eligible to participate in the placement process.

Pre-Placement Offer

Students with a Pre-Placement Offer from a company must inform the Placement Cell about its acceptance or rejection before the placement process begins. In case any student does not inform the placement Cell about the same, he / she will be considered to have accepted the offer and will be debarred from further placement activity.

In case if the student accepts the Pre-Placement Offer, he will be excluded from further placement activity

Code of Conduct

Students must be punctual in reporting to the company for the recruitment process.

Students should not discuss any points (Package, Job profile, Location etc) at the time of interview. Any such queries should be discussed with the Placement Coordinator.

It is expected that students prepare a file, in hard copy, of all their academic records while appearing for the campus recruitment process.

Candidates must carry 4 copies of their Resume (as per the given format) and 2 passport size photographs for the GD/Interview rounds of a company.

Any student found misbehaving in any manner with staff of the Training and Placement Cell and Student Coordinators will be debarred from the placement process.

Students must keep their Identity Card with them at the time of PPT/Test/Group Discussion/ Interviews and produce the same when asked to do so by the visiting team or their Coordinators.

Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the vicinity of a company official and are forbidden to carry the question paper out of the examination hall after the written exam.

Students are expected to maintain decorum in all interactions with company officials such as PPT, written exam and so on.

Students should reach for PPT/Test/Group Discussion/Interviews on time. Also, Students will not be allowed to leave the Hall before the PPT is finished.

Any student found violating this will be liable to disciplinary action.

It is compulsory for every interested candidate to attend the Pre-Placement Talk of a company for which he / she has applied in formal attire. In case of non-compliance, he / she will not be allowed to appear placement process of that company.

No student will directly contact any company official for any purpose. This includes forwarding of resumes for consideration, opportunities of Internships/Dissertations etc.

All communication should be routed through the Placement Cell.

Students are advised to watch the Notice Boards for any updates

Under no circumstances should a student negotiate with a company executive about CTC offered during the selection process. Any student violating this norm will be liable to strict disciplinary action.

It is mandatory for students to be appropriately dressed for the pre-placement talks and interviews as mentioned below :

Full sleeves formal shirt with formal plain trousers

For Boys :

College suit and tie (mandatory)

Neatly polished black shoes

For Girls :

College suit

Formal Shoes

Full sleeves formal shirt with formal plain trousers

Note: The policy is subject to change at a later stage at the discretion of the Placement Cell. The changes made, if any, at a later stage will be notified to all concern.