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In the pandemic situation, to keep students engage in creative and innovative activity, Student Staff Activity Body has planned to start with club activity. The club activity will help students for the holistic development, shape their character, serve society as a whole. The club activity will work on the theme ‘to the students, by the students, for the students’. The club activities will thus help and encourage students to participate in a variety of programmes and activities in order to broaden their horizons and gain experience, which is significant for their overall growth. The activity will boost morale of the students especially in the pandemic situation and hence they will be ready to face the current pandemic challenge.

The activities will further help the students to gain value based informal education which will supplement the traditional teaching –learning methodology. The club activity are inline with the Vision Mission of the Institute and with the Programmed Outcomes.. While planning for the activity the club activity will

The objectives behind the club formation is:

To have a meaningful involvement with self, peers, teachers and society as a whole

To have a seamless integration pf physical and digital world.

To inculcate innovation, creativity, team-spirit and entrepreneurial leadership.

The outcomes of the club activity are to:

Develop domain competence

Enrich experience, create a diverse community, encourage involvement, and provide opportunities This helps you to for students to build valuable skills.

Develop entrepreneurial spirit.

To develop organizational skills among students.


The students will also experience the Corporate life as the club executes in a given framework and within given guidelines under a well-planned organogram. This organogram helps students to understand their roles and responsibilities, reporting authorities and other official work. The students will understand work culture of an organization and will work towards the club goals and achievements.

Responsibility of Club Chairman

Coordination of planned activities.

Coordinating with Club Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and other stakeholders.

Planning of activities.

Review of activities conducted and planned.

Approvals from institute’s authorities and permissions

Responsibility of Club Director

Planning of activities.

Coordinating with Club Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and other stakeholders.

Coordination of planned activities.

Review of activities conducted and planned.

Responsibility of Club Treasurer

Preparation of Budget and keeping track of its utilization.

Responsibility of Club Secretary

Maintaining Minutes of meeting.

Coordinating with Club Chairman, Director and Treasurer and club members, coordinators.

The Club name with their purpose and type of activity planned are as follows:
Sr. No. Club Name Purpose Relevance to PO
1. Dance, Music & Drama Club To develop artistic skills among students. Team work
2. ED club To develop entrepreneurial spirit among students. Entrepreneurship
3. Film Review To view the film with management and other perspectives. Generic and Domain knowledge
4. Photography club To develop photography and media engagement skills. Generic and Domain knowledge
5. Library Club To inculcate reading, learning habits among students. Generic and Domain knowledge
6. IT club To imbibe technical skills and get acquainted with technological advancements. Generic and Domain knowledge. Use of Modern IT tools
7. Sports Club To develop sportsmanship among students Team work
8. CSR Club To develop responsibility that industries owe towards society at large. The plethora of initiatives that make our society more livable & sustainable will be considered. Entrepreneurship

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