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Management aspects at Historical Places - Hampi, Bhadami & Dandile at Karnataka


To study Management aspects at Historical Places i.e Hampi.Bhadami & Dandile.

To establish a positive team culture, the beliefs, values and norms of behavior among students through OBT.

To encourage teamwork and co-ordination among students.

To visit historical places across the country & appreciate its glorious past.

CottonKing and Piaggio Vespa Company Industrial Visit

Industrial visit for MBA & MCA students was organized by ZES’s ZIBACAR on 23 Sept. 2017. The students visited CottonKing and Piaggio Vespa companies located at Baramati, around 2 hours away from Pune

TAAL (Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd.)Bangalore Industrial Visit

TAAL (Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd.) was established in 1994 as the first company in the country to manufacture nonmilitary aircrafts. It has now diversified its activities in many segments of the aviation & aeronautical industries namely aircraft maintenance center and aviation infrastructure –Airfield & MRO.


Get an overview of TAAL, the first company in the country to manufacture non-military aircrafts.

Explore an aircraft inside-out and get an understanding of its maintenance and control systems. While you witness manufacturing procedures like production line- CNC shop, machine shop, sheet metal shop, assembly shop, paint shop, composites shop, avionics shop, NDT shop, tooling welding shop

Get deeper insights into the operation of a runway including details about markings.

Field your queries to the plant experts in an interactive Q&A session to ask anything from how an airplane functions to how the passenger’s safety is ensured.

Universal Construction Machinery & Equipment Ltd Industrial Visit

Universal company came into being in 1974 with the vision of Mr. Rohidas alias Dadasaheb More to forge ahead in the sphere of construction equipment manufacturing. It started by taking baby steps of supplying oil lubricant pumps and gear boxes to major industrial giants. Since then, Universal has achieved great heights with its expertise and detailed execution.

In the mid-eighties, Universal proved its mettle by creating a nitric acid pump to be used in India’s combat weapon -the Prithvi missile. In 1982, the development of the Concrete Block Making Machine catapulted Dadasaheb into the construction equipment-manufacturing league. With a workforce of 30 to 40 workers, Universal started manufacturing small concrete mixers at its Warje Workshop, which was set up in 1991. In the same year, Universal achieved yet another goal by exporting its products to Sri Lanka.

Fiat India Automobiles Ltd

We observed there that they have two production lines: 1. Engine Design Line 2. Assembly Line. Assembly Line works for various companies other than Fiat itself like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors. Etc

Lear Corporation

Lear was founded in 1917 in Detroit, Michigan as American Metal Products, a manufacturer of tubular, welded and stamped assemblies for the automotive and aircraft industries. They have grown up to meet the changing needs of the industry with 18 major acquisitions since Lear went public in 1994. Today, they provide complete seating and electrical power management systems worldwide.

Kranti Industries Pvt. Ltd

We observed there that they have two production lines: 1. Engine Design Line 2. Assembly Line. Assembly Line works for various companies other than Fiat itself like Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors. Etc

Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited

The most iconic scooter company in the world, Vespa, has made its Indian return. The Italian firm has been the most revered name in the world of scooters since its inception in 1940s.

Over the years the Vespa brand has transformed from an affordable transportation to a lifestyle product that carries a retro-modern appeal but with all the modern-day technologies and features found on two-wheelers.

Vyom Lab Pvt. Ltd

Vyom Labs is a complete IT service management solutions company. Vyom Labs offers ITSM services end-to-end: training, consultation, problem solving, solution implementation, testing and remote infrastructure management service based on IT good practices of ITIL®. We were received by the marketing head of Vyom Labs, Mr. Kunal Sonawala. He and his team mates arranged a very informative presentation for all of us. They gave us the details of their company. The company is divided into 3 segments:

Vyom Labs

Iware Logic

Vishwa Vidya

They provide the following services to their clients in India and abroad both:

Cloud Life Cycle Management Services

BMC BMS Services

ITIL Consultation Services

IT Infrastructure Services

Software Testing Services

Phoenix Marketcity Pune

Date & Time: 03 October 2012 , 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM

Total Students: 25

Company Name: Phoenix Market city, Pune

We visited the Phoenix Market city, Pune. We have around 25 students in marketing specialization. The visit gave our students an exposure in retail industry. Phoenix Market city, is an integrated mixed-use mall incorporating Shopping, Dining, Movies, Entertainment and much more that delivers a holistic lifestyle and leisure experience. As Pune is transforming from a traditional, historic city to a commercial metropolis, Phoenix Market city also sets out to change lives in changing times. Phoenix Market city is Pune’s the largest and the only lifestyle shopping and entertainment destination. It brings together, under one roof, an unimaginable collection of diverse offerings matching the needs of a modernizing city and the ultimate blend of traditional and modern shopping. The mall consists of sprawling courtyard, hypermarket, departmental store, bookstore, kids play zone, electronics and toy stores.

Turbo Gear India Ltd

We visited the Turbo Gear India Ltd On 7th September 2012. We were around 60 students of MBA first year. The visit gave our students an exposure to manufacturing process of different equipment. The plant has rigorously implemented the 5 S’s and conforms to world class quality management. The staff of the company gave their valuable time for explaining us the processes and practices of the company with great enthusiasm. Turbo Gear India Ltd is one of the units of Carraro that is a multinational global leader in the production of power transmission systems with plants in Italy, Germany, Poland, United States of America, Argentina, India and China. Today’s size–these are the results of a journey which started at the beginning of the last century and has evolved continually. Thanks to a marked entrepreneurial spirit, a flexibility and willingness to adapt a strong creative drive. Carraro is always evolving and striving for solutions with higher added value integrating pure mechanics with electronics. Thanks to consolidated skills and strategically located production plants, Carraro meets the requirements of its customers and forges lasting partnerships