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Eco Friendly Practices

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Sr. No. Practice Details
1 Weekly notes by email Institute has practice of sending weekly updates of events organised in institut, course material via email. This helps to reduce printing of course material and helps to save environment
2 Reuse, Refuse and Reduce : copier with 2 sided printing as default The photocopying machine is used as the central printing station which has duplex printing facility, to save paper for printing.
3 Rain water harvesting The Institute is having rain water harvesting system within the campus. Taking into consideration importance of water for living elements, Institute has taken following steps in rain water conservation and harvesting: The Institute is having large built up area to harvest the rainwater. By implementing rainwater harvesting there is rise in the water level in the well which exists in the campus.
4 Google Classroom Faster, effective and paperless communication with staff and students is facilitated through Google Classroom
5 2 copies of SIP/Dissertation instead of 3 Students are suppose to take printout on both side of page for Project report. Also instead of submitting 3 hard copies of project; they are permitted to submit only 2 hard copies and one soft copy and synopsis in soft copy.